UTD Esports has made quite an online presence this past semester. With very limited, social distanced activities going on at the University, this semester was the perfect opportunity for Esports to grow their audience! 

What is Esports? Esports is a form of sport competition through various video games.

Game synopses: 

Rocket League: soccer game with cars developed by Psyonix 

Overwatch: team-based multiplayer game first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment 

League of Legends: multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Riot Games 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: series of crossover fighting video games developed by Nintendo -> this game does not have a Team Manager 

Across all 3 games, being a Team Manager looks completely different, but we all have the same core duties of: finding scrims, coordinating schedules for practices and tournaments, scouring the internet for online tournaments, and checking in with the players to ensure great team chemistry. Another huge fundamental of being a Team Manager is that we do behind the scenes scheduling and coordinating that not many people will ever see. For example, if we have a match that is going to be streamed on Twitch, we have to coordinate that with the players, our coaching staff, and our creative staff to ensure that we can advertise these matches properly. 

Emilee (Rocket League Team Manager)

I got into Rocket League in early 2016, a few months after it came out and I first learned about the Esports program through my friend Lindsay (former Overwatch Student Coach and now Social Media Manager for Team Envy), who was in one of my classes at the time. 3 positions for student coaches opened up for Rocket League when the team was formed in fall 2019 so I applied and I have been here ever since! Overall, this position is slightly difficult to manage with being a full-time student and juggling other extracurricular activities, but it is so rewarding and I love being a part of an amazing, growing program! 

Noureen (Overwatch Team Manager) 

Between stream schedules, player schedules, and keeping up with tournaments, it can be tough to keep up, but it’s also a joy! I had originally gotten into the Esports program at UTD by trying out to be on the Overwatch team last semester and made it onto the B team. From there, I became really good friends with a lot of people in the program, and when the position became available, I knew it was something I was meant to do.

Saj (League of Legends Team Manager) 

When I was a freshman at UTD I joined the League of Legends club. From there I decided to join their amateur collegiate league and competed against other universities for small prizes and stuff. After having so much fun freshman year I stayed in the UTD club, kept competing every semester, and grew my passion for esports and competitiveness. Eventually I took on a leadership role in the UTD League of Legends club and used my skills to help create and organize events and assist players. Then, when the UTD league of legends Team Manager position opened I thought it would only be natural for me to apply for the position due to my skill sets being a great asset to the team along with my passion to do my best and help the team out in whatever way I can. Luckily I got the position and here I am doing my best for the team. 

If you’re looking to have more social interaction during the pandemic definitely join the discord and feel free to say hello to our wonderful team mangers!

Join the UTD Esports Discord Server: https://discord.gg/utdesports