With UT Dallas now marking it’s 50th Anniversary being establised into the UT System, they’re celebrating being 50 Years young this semester with their brand new campaign #UTDBright and #UTD50. UTD has also tweaked their university colors and have even added a slogan to the university “At The Speed of BRIGHT” to go with the university’s vision and message.

If you look around campus, you’ll see a new look for UTD with tons of brand new posters, billboards, and even photos of Temoc showcasing #UTD50, as well as tons of Weeks of Welcome Events.


In addition to Comets celebrating #UTD50 and #UTDBright, we’re launching our own campaign: #HotCometSemester.

It’s official, #HotGirlSummer is now over and we’re entering the best semester ever at UT Dallas; UTD is now 50 Years Young, throwing tons of new events, and we’ve got an even brighter future ahead of us.

With the launch of #HotCometSemester, we’re encouraging Comets to share their favorite moments in the life of a student at UT Dallas on social media – focusing on the positive vibes only, amazing highlights, and looking forward to a thriving semester. Comets, this semester is FOR YOU! This is YOUR SEMESTER!

Set goals, get good grades, try something new, get involved, get clear skin, workout, do a sport or join a club, make new friends – whatever it is for you, this is YOUR SEMESTER!

Whether you’re excited to get more involved or ready to make some awesome new friends and memories at UT Dallas, let everyone know!

Share a photo of yourself, what you’re excited for about this semester, use the hashtag #HotCometSemester and tag @UTDCometLife – we’ll be sure to reshare the awesome posts shared our way! Let’s start a new trend to spread some positive vibes going around, and as always – go Comets! #Whoosh