Here’s a special UTD Christmas poem to get y’all into the spirit!

‘Twas the end of the semester, when all through the dorms
Everything was quiet, and this wasn’t the norm.
Most students were studying, others had gone home,
But the little Tobor bots still continued to roam.

When the students all left, the Tobors changed course,
They began to carry packages for an unknown source.
Instead of just food, they lugged around treats,
Bicycles, and printers, and grills through the streets!

When out on the Plinth there arose such a clatter,
But there was no one around, to see what was the matter.
The Tobors went crazy! Their paths had all changed!
This was not at all what the source had arranged!

With hair oh so orange, and skin bright and blue,
Temoc Claus appeared, and he knew what to do.
He was the source! and he came from the North,
So he gathered his Tobors, and sent them all forth:

“To Green Hall! To Founders! To Berkner! And Jonsson!
To each floor of McDermott, to each street and each hall!
Now roll away! roll away! roll away all!”

After all of his Tobors had rolled back to work,
Temoc Claus decided it was best not to lurk.
So he went back to the North, to blow off some steam,
But a secret evil doer was beginning to scheme.

He had watched the Tobors get lost all on their own,
And also watched Temoc Claus leave them alone.
The Tobors wouldn’t stay on their paths for long,
Because the evil doer knew how to make things go wrong.

He reached out his arm, and lowered his hook,
And grabbed all the Tobors out of every nook.
The Tobors were placed all over the plain,
And turned all about, by Enarc the Crane.

When Temoc Claus appeared, the very next day,
He was at a loss for words; he didn’t know what to say.
He needed this to work, so they could pull his sleigh,
But they had to earn their antlers before the holiday.

His Tobors were everywhere! And he was afraid.
He knew they were clueless, and he should have just stayed.
So he decided this time, he wouldn’t go away,
He would just stick around to make sure this goes okay.

So he made sure his Tobors got right back on track,
He had no idea that it was an attack.
Enarc watched in hiding, just out of the light,
This would be harder now, so he just glared in spite.

The Tobors did try as hard as they could,
To practice delivering gifts to those who were good.
But the villain emerged once again from his site,
He would cause Temoc Claus more trouble that night

“I love to bring misery to UTD,” Enarc said,
“While all of the students are at home in their beds.”
Temoc Claus still, just blamed his poor bots,
So he sat in the darkness, all alone with his thoughts.

“Perhaps this won’t work, it was a stupid plan,
I was just thinking, that maybe they can.
I never would expect that it could go this bad,
I thought that they were smarter, even just a tad.”

But he decided it was best to not sit and mope,
So he got up and used his last bit of hope.
He followed the bots, on his very last day,
To make sure they were ready to pull his sleigh.

Every time one turned, he turned it back soon after,
But Enarc kept turning them, and watching with laughter.
Come the end of the day, Temoc Claus was tired,
“There’s no way they’ll be ready, forget it, they’re fired!”

That night he lay down, his hope was all dead,
But he then heard a jingle from above his head.
Right outside of his window, he saw a flash of white,
And soon followed after, a glare of orange light.

He got up from his bed, and walked out the door,
And there he saw his bots, who had gained something more.
They had done it! they succeeded, despite all of his fears.
They all gained their antlers and became Tobordeers!

Temoc Claus was ecstatic, the plans were back on,
So he put on his suit, and ran through the lawn!
He tied up his Tobordeers, with their reigns to his sleigh
And he rode out with a cheer, “Have a Happy Holiday!”