June 2020. 

A month full of pride, darkened by an epidemic. 

We would normally spend these days celebrating the achievements and remembering the challenges. Last year, you may have attended parties, spent a night out on the town, or celebrated at a parade: marching hand-in-hand with our community. This year, we are marching to a different tune. 

COVID-19 is currently affecting every single one of us in a number of ways. I do not know your circumstances, but I know many individuals see this month full of cancelled plans, missing loved ones, and financial burdens. I hope, more than ever, that my fellow Comets and the LGBTQ+ community are doing well and staying safe. Although this month may be extremely different from your other pride months, we can adapt to these changes. I have provided a few activities to celebrate this month while abiding to social distancing:

Virtual pride events, including YouTube experiences

LGBTQ+ focused literature, art, music, movies

The history of Pride

Zoom drag shows

Donating to LGBTQ+ nonprofits

Pride inspired makeup, baking, decorating, etc.

Staying in touch with your LGBTQ+ friends, family, acquaintances and our allies

Even if you are not able to perform any of the activities on this list, do not be discouraged. Simply having pride in the community is enough. I am proud to state: LGBTQ+ is one of the strongest and most integrated communities I have ever been a part of. We have overcome so much, I know each and every one of you will be able to show your pride with these adaptations.