With most classes being online in this semester, it can feel incredibly difficult to be a part of the Comet community. Especially for freshmen, joining campus clubs or extracurriculars can already seem so daunting, adding the online element only makes it that much harder. Many students do not have the opportunity to pass by bulletin boards and see potential groups or activities that interest them. With everything being online, students have to seek those out themselves, which can be incredibly overwhelming. So, for students who are looking to get involved as much as possible with the Comet community while taking online classes, or are just looking for great places to find information, here are some great options to start!

UT Dallas Discord: The UTD Discord is by far the best online communication available today. Creating an account is completely free and joining UTD’s server will allow students access to all kinds of channels. The UTD Discord gives students the chance to explore their interests independently with others who also share the same interests. If you’re looking to meet plenty of new people, this is definitely the best spot to do so.

UTD Comet Life: You’re most likely following Comet Life if you’re reading this article, but still, Comet Life is a fantastic place to find campus information, upcoming events (including online events), student updates, UTD memes, and to DM your questions to. Plus, the entire organization is student-run! If there is ever an organization that will help you find what you want to find on your campus, it is definitely Comet Life!

UT Dallas Social Media: It may seem obvious to head to a university’s page to find their latest updates, but not a lot of updates come through the UT Dallas page. Only recently have a lot of their big announcements come through their Instagram and their Twitter. That being said, what information does come through their social media is very beneficial.